Things to do around the cottage :

  • at 5 km, the town of SPA, and its famous thermal baths baden, museum, golf fields, Warfaaz lake, Pouhon and its ferruginous waters, plenty of shops, restaurants,…
  • at 6 km, the town of THEUX and the medieval CASTLE OF FRANCHIMONT
  • at 13 km, Aywaille and the mythical hill “LA REDOUTE
  • at 15 km, the beautiful circuit of FRANCORCHAMPS
  • at 15 km, the waterfalls of COO
  • at 16 km, the romantic and magical Ninglinspo Valley
  • at 20 km, the vast and protected region of FAGNES
  • at 20 km, the town of Verviers and his legendary concert hall “Spirit 66”
  • at 25 km, the town of MALMEDY with the Baraque Michel, the Robertville Lake, the waterfall of Bayehon
  • at 30 km, Eupen and the Gileppe Dam
  • at 30 km, “The Fervent City” of LIEGE and its busy nightlife,…

Pearl of the Ardennes, Spa is one of the oldest thermal cities.

Starting from the cottage, you ‘ll make endless walks in the woods, the meadows, the forests, all by foot or by mountain bike (21 marked routes).

Other Curiosities nearby the house :
Walking through the longer “charmille” of Europe (573m)
Path of “Human Rights”
Road of the sources – 131 km

for the history lovers there’s always the possibility to visit the historical city of Spa, the Abbey of Stavelot, the Castle of Franchimont, the Rheinhardstein Castle, the Tancremont Fort